Ramadan 2017 in USA

The Holy Month Ramadan 2017 in USA

As a large number of Muslims are living in the USA and they will celebrate  Holy Month Ramadan 2017 in USA. Ramadan is the ninth Islamic month. It is an Arabic word which means dryness.

During this whole month, Muslims do fasting from dawn to sunset to gain the Blessings of Almighty Allah. This month is not only about fasting, but Muslims are instructed to refrain themselves from all the bad habits and activities.

It is highly significant month for the Muslims. It is one of the pillars of the Islam. The Holy Book of Muslims was also revealed during this month. It is the month of blessings. After Ramadan Muslim celebrate Eid al fitr in USA.

When is Ramadan 2017 in USA:

Islam is the third largest religion in the USA. According to an estimate of 2016 approximately 3.3 million, Muslims are living in the USA. There are a number of mosques in New York different states of the USA. During prayer times, Muslims in the USA offer their prayers in these mosques.

Ramadan 2017 in USA will be celebrated by the Muslim community living there. The exact date is not confirmed yet, as the beginning of new Islamic month depends on the dates of the Moon. According to the predictions, the Ramadan 2017 will begin on 26 May of Georgian Calendar.

Muslims in the USA celebrate this religious month with great religious spirits. Muslim prayer times varies across the world. In the USA or in any other state Salah times depends on the time of sunrise and sunset there.

During Ramadan, Muslims offer extra prayers to gain the blessings of Almighty Allah. In the USA, Muslims adjust their working hours according to the Islamic prayer times.

Holy Month Ramadan 2017 USA will be celebrated in all the states of USA in the month of May. The date will be confirmed after sighting the Moon at the end of the eighth Islamic month.