Surah Rahman benefits – Surah al rahman for marriage and patients


Surah Rahman benefits

There are some important surah rahman benefits and following are the wazaif of Surah Rahman are given below to understand the value of surah in our life.

As in surah e Rahman in the first verse, ALLAH mentions the that he taught you how to read Quran, he made your birth possible. So ALLAH is mentioning that Allah is the only creator. HE created us then taught us through Prophets and revelations. Then ALLAH also mentions that Sun and Moon are moving with calculated time and period. They always rise and   sets on a fixed time and you can’t see an error in their timing.

Surah Rahman ki fazilat

This Surah holds great significance in the Holy Quran. In this surah we can find a solution to every problem and a cure for every disease. Following is the significance/benefits of Surah Rahman in the Holy Quran and in our daily life.

Recite Surah Rahman to avoid bad times

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) used to say that a person who will recite this surah on a daily basis will never face bad times.

Purification of heart by Surah Rahman benefits

If you are afraid of Allah’s wrath and want to stay pious for whole life, then the purification of the heart is most important.

If you recite this surah at the time of Isha or Tahajjud then you will remain pure of heart and you will even die in a state of purity.

For making your work easy and to grant you success

If you want to get successful in anything like in your exams or you are trying to get a job, then this surah is the solution to such problem also.

You will get success and your work will get easier if you write Surah  ar Rahman on a piece of paper and hang it around your neck.

Surah Rahman for marriage

If you are a parent of a daughter and you are in stress because your daughter is not getting married, then you can try the Surah Rahman wazifa for marriage.

Recite Darood-e-Pak for 11 times, then recite Surah Al Rahman for 11 times and again recite Darood-e-Pak for 11 times after that. You must recite this every day at the same time and the same place, within 21 days your daughter will get married due to this wazifa.

Surah Rahman for patients

This Surah Rahman benefits can cure all the problems and diseases which include blood pressure, depression, sugar, diabetes or cancer.

Kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, heart problem, hepatitis C and other diseases can be cured if you listen to this surah.

The chronic health issues can be cure by listening to this surah.

Surah Rehman to solve your problems

Are you having problems about anything? This Surah rahman benefits are the solution to every problem.

If you write Surah al Rahman on a paper and keep it with you all the time, then all your problems will be solve and you will not face any problem again.

Surah Rahman to solve your household problems

If you write this surah rahman on a wall in your house or if you have a writing of this surah Rahman, then all your household problems will be solved too.

Recitation of  Surah Rahman purifies your heart

If you recite Surah Rahman then you can purify your heart of hypocrisy and you even die in a pure state.

Allah sends an angel to guard you

If you recite this surah al rahman at daytime, then an angel is sent from Allah that is supposed to guard you till sunset. If you recite this surah at night time then an angel is sent by Allah to guard you until you wake up.

Surah Rahman helps in marriage

You can recite Surah rahman if it is time and still you are not getting married or if you have a daughter, then you can recite this surah for the marriage of your daughter. There is a proper wazifa for this purpose.

Reciter of  Surah e Rahman is consider a martyr

‘A person who recites Sor e Rehman and dies is consider a martyr.’- Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (AS).

Surah Rahman for Eye Ailments

The recitation of  surah rahman benefits are  cure eye ailments too.

Surah Rahman saves you from bad times/situations

There is a surah rahman benefits in a Hadith that if a person recites Surah Ar Rehman then he will never face bad times.

Surah Rahman will save you At the day of judgment

If you are a reciter of Surah Rahman, then on the Day of Judgement, this surah will come to you as a handsome human.

Surah e Rahman Can Cure Diseases

If you want to get rid of your disease or any other health issue, then listening to this surah is the best therapy or treatment for your disease.

If you want all the surah rahman benefits, forgiveness and mercy from Allah, and status of a martyr, then recite this Surah al Rahman on a daily basis.

These are the wazaif and surah Rahman benefits.  That’s why it is one of the most important surah in holy Quran. So keep reading and reciting the surah rahman on daily basis.

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