The greatest surah of Quran “Surah al Rahman”


Recite Surah Rahman

Surah Rahman is the greatest surah of  holy book Quran e Pak in which you find the solution to all diseases and  problems of your routine life. Rahman Surah consists of 78 verses and it is ‘Madni’. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (A.S.) has said that recite Surah rahman on Friday after the dawn prayers, it will carry the great reward.

Power of Surah Rahman

The title of this Surah is Ar Rahman originated from the word ‘Rehmat’. In this Surah, the manifestations of Allah of His grace and mercy are mention briefly. This is a Madni Surah with 3 Rukus and 78 Ayaat. Many authentic traditions testify that this Surah Rahman was reveal many years before the Holy Prophet’s (peace be upon him) Hijrat towards Madina and this Surah was reveal before Surah Hijr.

Surah Rahman is known to be the early Revelations that were sent to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) while he was in Makkah.

This surah arrahman has a poetic beauty and also known as the ‘beauty of the Quran.’

Tilawat of surah rahman

It is our responsibility to recite surah rahman daily, or if you can’t read surah e rahman then you can download online tilawat of surah rahman to listen every day.

The first Ruku of this Quranic verse rahman, which is from ayat number 1 till 30 depicts Allah’s creative mercy and power by showering blessings upon those who dwell on earth. The second Ruku which is from ayat number 31 to 45 describes the day of judgment and the punishment for the sinners. The third and the last Ruku from ayat number 46 to 78 has the detail about paradise and its delights for the pious.

Read Surah Rahman

If you read this Surah Rehman, you can see for yourself that this is the Surah of Quran in which the jinn are also address by Allah, not only men. Men and jinn, both are made aware of Allah’s power, their helplessness and accountability towards Allah, and Allah’s blessings which are countless.

Allah has also told men and jinn in this Surah about the prize of His obedience and also warned them about the punishments for His disobedience.

This surah rahman shows that even jinn also believed in the Prophethood and Allah, although the jinn are granted freedom, but there are some people in both groups (man and jinn) that are believers and some are non-believers. Surah Ar Rahman depicts clearly the fact that some jinn are believers and the message of the Quran and the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is for jinn also so, Prophethood is not limited to humans only.

Theme of Surah al Rahman

Following are the themes of Surah Rahman:

  • The teaching of Allah is in the Quran only and the only way to attain His mercy is to seek guidance from the Quran because there is guidance in the Holy Quran for whole mankind from Allah. Allah says that He has created man as an intelligent and rational being.
  • Allah says that He has created the whole Universe and every single thing in that Universe is functioning according to His command only.
  • Almighty Allah has said in this surah ar rahman that the whole Universe was created equitably and precisely on justice and it is required that anyone who dwells in this Universe should stick to justice within their authority, and they must not disturb the equity or balance.
  • There are references in this surah al rahman about the blessings of Allah that he showers upon the men and jinn.
  • It is being realize to men and jinn both, that everything is under Allah’s control, no one is imperishable or immortal other than Allah Himself, and that everyone (men and jinn) needs Allah for their requirements and survival.
  • Men and jinn are warn about the Day Of Judgment that it is near and everyone is accountable to Allah for his every single deed. Allah says that no one has the control or power to avoid this day when they are going to be call to account.
  • The punishment for the sinners, from among jinn and men, has been mention in this Surah rahman.
  • The rewards have been mention for those men and jinn who led a pious life. And also believe in the Day Of Judgment. One day they will be call to account in front of Allah for their deeds.

Conclusion of Surah Rahman

In order to strengthen your belief in Allah, it is important that you recite Surah  ar rahman. Surah al Rahman is also a natural remedy for diseases.

Firstly, it will boost your knowledge about many things that are the basics of your religion. Secondly, this surah e rahman is also a warning for you about the punishment for sinners and rewards for the pious. That will bring a catharsis in you.

Thirdly, after the recitation of  Surah Rahman and the catharsis, you will try to be a good person and you will be among the pious.

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