Blessings of Holy Month Ramadan:

First of all, it is important to understand the meaning of word Ramadan. It is an Arabic word which means dryness. It is the ninth Holy month of the Islamic calendar. During this month, the Muslims living in the world do fasting for the whole day.

During fasting, Muslims refrain themselves from the water and all types of food. According to the teachings of Islam, this Holy month is much more than just fasting. Muslims are instructed to refrain from all types of bad sins and evil deeds.

Fasting during this month is obligatory for all the adult Muslims, except a person who is suffering from any disease or illness and any pregnant woman. During this month, Allah showers His special blessings on the Muslim community.


Importance of Ramadan:

Ramadan is a very significant month for the Muslims. During this month, fasting is one of the pillars of the Islam. It is a religious obligation or duty of every adult Muslim.

It is also a very significant month because the religious Book of Muslims, the Quran was also revealed during this month. Almighty Allah revealed the Quran to His last Messenger the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) during this month. During this month, prayers are not offered only during prayer times but special prayers are also offered by the Muslims in order to gain the blessings of Almighty Allah.

During Salah times, a large number of the Muslims go to Mosques to offer the prayers. Tarawih is organized in different mosques during this month.

Prayers are increased during this month. Like other religious festivals, Muslims also celebrate this month in different parts of the world. Islamic prayer times are very significant for the Muslims, as the time of Sehri ends with the prayer of Fajr. Similarly, with the evening prayer of Maghrib, Muslims end their fast and eat food.

So Muslims living in the different parts of the world follow the Muslim prayer times for their fasting. It varies across the world. In the Islamic states or countries, Athan times tell you the time of every prayer.

When is Ramadan in USA

In USA, There is large number of Muslim population live. Fasting during this month is obligatory for all the Muslims Men and Women.

When is Ramadan in New York

Muslims get special rewards from the Almighty Allah(SWT) during this month. Ramadan Calendar New York will also give you an exact time of fasting and also for every prayer during Ramadan in all the cities of New York, USA.

New York Ramadan Calendar

I am going to share the New York Ramadan Calendar. It will assist you to get the unlimited blessings of Allah almighty in Holy Month, by offering prayers on time along with the Sehar and Iftar in New York City.

Ramadan Prayer Times New York

Ramadan prayer timings are updates when the date of Ramadan announces, InshaAllah in New York city it will come in May 2017.


It is the month of Blessings. Almighty Allah showers His special Blessings and Mercy on the Muslims during this month. It is a religious month of the Muslims.

This Holy Month is celebrated by the Muslims every year with great religious and spiritual spirits to gain the Blessings of Almighty Allah.