Quran Surah Rahman – The Miracle Of Two Rivers


Quran Surah Rahman

There are many name of Quran surah rahman, mostly use names are surah al rahman, surah rahman, rahman surah Quran.  The Quran Surah rahman is the most important surah of Holy book Quran.

In this chapter, ALLAH mentioned all the blessings and bounties which he gave to us.

The Quran has 114 chapters. Each chapter is regarded as “Surah” in the Arabic language. Each chapter is further divided into many verses which are called “Ayat” in the Arabic language. Quran is basically in Arabic language but now its translations are available in almost every language.

Then ALLAH is also mentioning not to deceive people in the measurements like some traders do while measuring the quantity of any grocery product.

ALLAH also mentions all the bounties he has given like fruits. Then there is a refrain line mentioned approximately after every verse which is reminding people to thank ALLAH for his blessings and bounties.

There are two rivers in Cape Town, South Africa. There two rivers are a miracle of Allah Almighty. One of the two rivers has a sour taste and the another one has a sweet taste and the specialty of these rivers is that they are flowing in the same sea but they have different tastes and they never mix.

This specialty of these two rivers was discovered in late 20th century, but Allah told us about this miracle in this surah rahman, 1400 years before this discovery.

Rahman Surah Quran

Quran surah rahman is a renowned surah because of this miracle and this discovery. A thing was discovered which was informed to us 1400 years before, this surely is a miracle that these rivers never mix. In every surah of Quran there is some hidden facts, which you need to know by reading Quran daily.


Make a habit to recite Quran surah  rahman daily in the morning, and if you can’t read then listen to your mobile phone or TV. You can also download this Quran surah rahman to your smart mobile.



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