Prayer Times Brooklyn NY ( New York )

Prayer Times Brooklyn

If you are in Brooklyn, NYC and want to know the accurate Prayer times Brooklyn, NYC. Then this post will help you. As the New York City has five Boroughs, the Brooklyn is one of the most populated boroughs of the city. It has a total area of 97 square miles, 73% of the area consist of land while 27% is water. It is a second largest borough in land area in the city.

According to an estimate, this borough represents about 30.8% of the total population of New York City. It has a diverse ethnicity and language. It is the fourth most populated city in the United States.

Muslims in Brooklyn NYC:

Brooklyn has the total population of about 2.6 million. The majority of the population is about Jews and Muslims. It has the world second largest population of Muslims and Jews.

About 200000 to 300000 Muslims are living in the Brooklyn. The majority of the Muslim population is from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. After Hispanics, Muslims and Jews are the main religion in the borough.

Prayer times in Brooklyn NYC:

As a large number of the Muslims is living in this borough. So this is very important to know the accurate Brooklyn prayer times  in this borough. As Muslims, living there offer their prayers, it is important for them to know the exact time for prayers.

Prayer times vary around the world. It completely depends on the time of sunrise and sunset in the particular state. The time of sunrise and sunset also varies in different parts of the world.

Usually, Azan time in the Islamic states tell the Muslims that this is a time of prayer. But you can know the prayer times Brooklyn, NYC through various simple conventions and methods.

Islamic Prayer Timetable easily tells you the accurate time of every prayer in this prayer times NYC Brooklyn. For the Muslims, it is very important to know the accurate Salah times, as delay in Salah or prayers is prohibited in Islam.

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Islamic Center NYC both are  easy convention to know the accurate  Brooklyn prayers times . It will give you an accurate time of every prayer Fajr Brooklyn, Dhuhr Brooklyn, Asar time Brooklyn, Maghrib time Brooklyn, and Isha time Brooklyn.

Islamic prayer time changes every day, according to the change in the time of sunrise and sunset in different states of the world.

Muslim prayer times NYC also tells you an accurate time for every prayer in all the cities of NY including Brooklyn borough.


It is the religious duty of every Muslim to offer five prayers in a day. It is one of the basic pillars of the Islam. It is a religious obligation of all the adult Muslim to offer their prayers regularly.

It is also as important to offer these prayers at the accurate time. Every prayer has a specific time, after that time of next prayer is started. Islam also prohibits Muslims for delaying their prayers. It is against the teachings of Islam. These above methods will tell you accurate Prayer times Brooklyn, NYC.