Prayer Times Bronx NYC

Islamic prayer times Bronx NY

If you are living in the Bronx borough of the New York City, and searching for prayer times Bronx, NYC. Then you will find all the prayer timings here. The Bronx is one of the boroughs of the New York City, of the United States. It is situated on the mainland of the North America. It has a total area of 57 square miles, 42 square miles are land while the 15 square miles are water. It is the only borough which has the majority of the land area.

The total population of this borough is about 1.4 million. The population density of the borough is very high. It has a diverse ethnicity and language. People following different religions are living there.

Timings of Prayers Bronx, New York

As Muslims are also living in this borough of the NYC. The five times prayers in a day are a religious obligation or duty of all the adult Muslims.

In this borough, there are various mosques for the Muslims. Islamic prayer times vary across the world. It depends on the timings of sunrise and sunset in the different parts of the world. And the time of sunrise and sunset vary in all the states of the world.

In the Islamic countries, Azan time tell that this is the time of prayer. But in the non-Islamic state, Muslims face problems in knowing the accurate time of prayers. Some of the simple and easy methods to know the Prayer times Bronx, NYC is discussed below.

It is very important for the Muslims to know the Muslim prayer times. There are various Islamic organizations which are working for the development of Muslims in different parts of the world. These organizations also give you accurate prayer times for different states of the world.

Brooklyn prayer times also tell you an accurate Bronx prayer time. You can find the timings of every prayer there. NY prayer time is also an easy way to know the Salah times in different countries of NY including the Bronx borough of NYC.

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Islamic center NYC is another organization for the Muslims. It also gives you an accurate time of prayers in all the states of North America, including the borough of Bronx NY.

Islamic Prayer Times NYC gives you the exact time of your prayers in New York and all the other states of NY. These are the easy conventions or methods to know the Bronx prayer times.


Prayers are one of the most important religious duties of the Muslims. It is obligatory for all the Muslims. It is also significant to offer prayers at the accurate time.

Muslims are living around the world. And in some non-Islamic states, the accurate timing of prayers is not clear to the Muslims.

This article will help you to know the Prayer times Bronx, NYC. So, you can offer your prayers at the accurate time.