Salat Times NYC

Salat Times NYC (New York City)

Many Muslims living in NYC want to know the accurate Salat times NYC. Here you will find the exact time for your prayers. New York City (NYC) is also known as the City of New York.  It is one of the most populated and developed cities of NY state. It comprises of five boroughs, each borough is a separate country of the New York state. Queens, NYC is the largest borough of the state.

NYC is the metropolitan area of the state. New York is the economic hub of the state. It is situated in the northeastern United States. NY is built on the three Islands of Manhattan, Staten Island, and Long Island.

It has a diverse ethnicity and language. People following different religion, faith, and language are living there. According to an estimate, the total population of NYC is about 8.5 million. Almost 40% population of the state is the resident in this city. Muslims are also living in NYC.

Islam is the third-largest religion in the United States.

Muslims in New York City:

Due to a large number of international migrations to the United States, the population rate of NY state has increased to a great extent. Muslims are living around the world. In some states, they are in the majority while in another they are in the minority. In the NY state, a large number of the Muslim community is living.

According to an estimate of Journey Data Centre at 2015, the total Muslim population in NYC is about 3.8% of the total population of the city. Various international organizations are working in the NY state for the development and protection of the rights of Muslims living there.

Under the NYC Law of Human rights, Muslims are allowed to follow their religious traditions and festivals. There is no religious discrimination in the New York. Muslims enjoy full religious freedom in the NYC.

Accurate Salat Times NYC:

Prayers are one of the five pillars of the Islam. Quran and the Hadith both explains the importance of Salah or prayers various times. There are five prayers in a day, which are obligatory for every adult Muslim. The time of each prayer varies across the world. It is also very important to offer five prayers at the accurate time without delaying.

It is the religious duty of Muslims. Prayer is the key to Heaven. Salat time in New York depends on the time of sunrise and sunset in the NY. As the time of sunrise and sunset varies across the world.

There are various conventions or methods to know the Islamic prayer times in different parts of the world. As Muslims are living in the whole world. And prayers are obligatory for the Muslims. Through prayers, Muslims communicate with the Almighty Allah. This will give you the time of your  today Salat times nyc and also in other states.

In the Islamic states, Athan time tell the accurate time of salat. But in the other states like NY state, the other simple ways are there to know the exact time of your prayers. (ISNA) Islamic Society of North America will give you an accurate time of your prayers. It will give prayer times for all the states in the North America. This organization works for the Muslim community living in the world.

Islamic Salat times in NYC also give you the exact time of your every prayer. As it is compulsory to offer the prayers at the time. Islam has emphasized various times on the importance of Salah or prayers for the Muslims. The time of every prayer varies every day in NYC and also in other countries of the world.

There are various Islamic organizations and Muslims Center, which gives you an accurate time of your prayers. It is very important to know the exact Salat times nyc as delay in prayers is prohibited by the Islam. Although there are various mosques for the Muslim community in the NYC. You can offer your prayers in these mosques.

Muslims are allowed to offer their prayers. Various mosques are there in NYC for the Muslims prayers. Islamic Cultural Center of New York is one of the famous mosques in NYC. It has a large area for the prayers for the Muslims. A large number of the Muslims offer their prayers in this mosque.

The Muslim World League is a non-governmental organization working to promote the Islamic teachings. It is based in Saudi Arabia. It gives you an accurate time of your prayers in NY. If you do not know the accurate time of your prayers do not delay your prayers, just know the exact time for prayers from MWL and offer your prayers on time. Delaying prayers are against the teachings of the Islam.

Muslim Salat times vary around the world. The time of every prayer depends on the Sun. And Sun rotates around the world. So the time of sunrise and sunset varies in all the countries.

The Fajr salat times NYC starts at dawn before the sunrise in every state. So you can check the time of sunrise new york and also a time of every prayer in NYC easily from the New York Salat Times. It will give you an accurate prayer times nyc for every prayer.


Offering prayers are essential for all the Muslims living in the world. But it is also very important to offer all the Salat at the accurate time. Delay in prayers is prohibited in the Islam.

But in some non-Islamic states, it is difficult for you to know the accurate time of your prayers. As in Islamic states, Azan in the mosques tells you that this is the time for prayers. But if you are living in NYC or in any other state this article will give you information about all your salat times NYC.

By these simple and easy ways, you can easily know the accurate Salat times NYC for every prayer.