Muslims in New York

Muslim Population in New York (USA)

New York is the metropolitan area of the United States. After California and Texas, it has the largest population growth in the United States. As due to increased immigration in the United States, the number of Muslim population  in New York also increased to a great extent.

According to an estimate of the Pew study, about 1% population of the United States is of Muslims. It shows that around 3.3 million Muslims are living in the Unites States. With the Muslims, other minorities are also citizens of the US.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States. It is the third largest religion in the US. New York is the northeastern state of the US and has 62 states. It has a diverse ethnicity and language. In an estimate at 2014, the total population of NY is about 8.5 million people.

New York City (NYC)  is the most populous city in it and a gateway to a number of legal immigrants from the past few decades.

Muslim Population in New York:

muslim population in new york

Almost 90% of the population are living in the urban area of New York City. According to an estimate of 2014 around 23% Muslim population in the US is living in the NYC.

Muslims are mostly from South Asian states, including India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The international immigration’s increased the population rate of NY.

There are a number of mosques in the NY state of USA so that Muslims easily offer their prayers at the time. Muslims have religious freedom to perform their religious duties. They celebrate their religious festivals freely without any obstacle.

The Muslim Day Parade is the cultural street fair celebrated in a NY state of the US to bring together all the members of the Muslim community.

Protection of Muslims’ Rights in New York:

Various sectors of Muslims are living in NY state. The most dominant sectors are Shia and Sunni Muslims. There are various Islamic organizations working in NYC to protect the rights of Muslims living in the US.

Under the Human Right Law of NYC, the protection of the Muslim rights is promote. In 2016, under this law workshops were conducted for the proper understanding of Islam.

Muslims are not facing any discrimination in the NY. In fact, in 2016 the Blasio Administration in the NY has recognized the public holiday of Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha of the Muslims. Many other laws are there for the protection of Muslims rights.


Muslims are living around the world. In some states, they are in the majority while in another they are in the minority. In the NY in the United States, a large number of the Muslim community is living.

However,New York has a large number of Muslims resident from the different parts of the world. But they all follow the same religion, Islam. Islam is spreading rapidly in this state.

Various Islamic organizations are working there to protect the rights of Muslims living there and also to spread Islam in the New York.