Islamic Center NYC for The Muslim Community


The Islamic Center NYC is working for the Muslim community living there. New York City (NYC) is also known as the City of New York. It is one of the most populated and developed cities of NY state.

It has a diverse ethnicity. People following different faith or religion are living there. According to an estimate of Journey Data Center at 2015, the total Muslim population in the NYC is about 3.8% of the total population of the city.

Islamic Center NYC (New York):

As Islam is the third largest religion in the United States. And a large number of Muslims are living in different states of the USA. That’s why various religious or Islamic organizations are working there for the protection of Muslim rights.

Islamic Center NYC is there to promote the teachings of Islam and also to protect the Muslims rights in the NYC. Islamic Cultural Center of New York is one of the dominant Islamic centers in the City. It is a beautiful mosque, a large number of Muslims come there during prayer times.

The Islamic Society of Central New York (ISCNY) is an Islamic organization, which is working to promote the Islamic teachings among the people of NYC.

Islamic Center at NYU is another prominent Islamic center which gives you knowledge about the Islam in the NYC. It is the most beautiful and peaceful mosque for the Muslims in NYC. After the Muslim prayer times, teachings of the Islam are also provided to the Muslims.

Assafa Islamic Center Inc is also a famous mosque in the NY, which is working for the promotion of Islamic teachings in the NY state of the USA. It provides all the services to the Muslim community living in NY regarding their religion.

Muslims offer their prayers in these Centers and also gain all knowledge of their religion from these organizations. Imams in these Centers guide the younger generation about their religion.

There are different Islamic Center NYC, which is spreading Islamic teachings to the Muslim community living in the New York City. You can find the accurate prayer times NYC from here.

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