Azan Time NY

Azan Time NY(New York)

If you are living in the New York and want to know the azan time ny  (New York), then you are at a right place. Here you will find easier ways to know the time of athan times ny or azan time new york.

New York is one of the most beautiful and populated states of the United States. A large number of Muslims are living there. According to an estimate about 1 million Muslim population is living there. Muslims are from South Asian countries.

Azan time NYC – Islamic call to prayer

Azan timing  new york:

A large number of Muslims are living in the NY. They offer their religious duties and traditions there. Five times prayer in a day is a religious obligation of every adult Muslim. In the non-Islamic state like NY, sometimes you do not know the accurate azan time ny.

Offering prayers is obligatory, but to offer these prayers at the accurate time is also very important. Delay in the prayers is prohibited in the Islam.

As in Islamic states, Athan time tell you the exact time of prayers. Muslims living in the NY can know the accurate Muslim prayer times with the help of various conventions.

Prayers Times For New York City is one of the conventions which tells you accurate athan times nyc(New York City) in all the states of New York. So you can offer your prayers on time in NY.

Islamic Society of North America or Islamic center NYC also tells you the accurate time of Islamic prayer times in all the states of New York. It is the largest Muslim organization in the North America, which is working for the development of the Muslims.

You can also check Yearly Sun Graph for New York to know the exact Azan time ny(New York). The timing of Azan depends on the time of sunrise and sunset. It changes in different cities of the New York.

There are various mosques in NY State for the Muslims. After Athan, Muslims offer their prayers. But in some parts of NY, if there is no mosque, then these conventions will help you to know the azan time ny(New York).